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What do users see when they connect to Cyral?

What you see when you connect with Cyral depends on whether you're a data user or an administrator who manages data repositories, or a member of the security and operations teams that monitor the integrity and availability of data services.

Data users

As a data user, you want access to your data repository quickly. Cyral supports this by giving you quick ways to find and connect to your repository:

  • For most repository types, you'll navigate to the Cyral access page, where you can find the repository you need, get an access token for it, or request short-term access if you're not already a user of the repository. Note! If you cannot see the access page or Get Tokens page, see How can data users see the Get Tokens page in Cyral?
  • If enabled, you can request access by typing a message to the Cyral bot in Slack. Once access is granted, you'll receive a link in Slack. Click the link to view the Cyral access page where you'll get your access token.
  • For PostgreSQL databases, you can use the Cyral command-line utility to quickly gain access to your repository. If you already have a valid access token, you'll be connected to the database immediately. If not, the Cyral access page appears in your browser, where you can authenticate. 


As an administrator, you'll use the Cyral Management Console in your browser to connect your organization's data repositories to the authentication methods (like Okta SSO) you want to enable for each repository. The Management Console lets you specify what kind of events in your data repositories will generate alerts or log entries, and it also gives you the option to set policies down to the table or collection level that determine who on your team has access to which data.

Security and Operations Teams

As part of the security or operations team, you'll continue to use the same tools you currently use for monitoring, alerting, and incident management. Cyral integrates with these tools to notify the responsible people immediately as events occur, and to log the sensitive data access events. If you need to update a policy, you can do it in the Cyral Management Console, or, if you've implemented the Cyral Github integration, you can update policies by committing the updated policy in Github.

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