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What sensitive data does Cyral store in its SaaS control plane?

Cyral sidecars send only non-sensitive information to the Cyral control plane as required for administration and governance. The sidecar never sends the contents of your repositories to the control plane. Below, we list the types of data the sidecar shares with the control plane.

  • Data repository connection metrics. The sidecar's connection interceptor sends information about attempts—both successful and unsuccessful—to connect to each repository.
  • Data repository usage metrics. This is the core of the security monitoring and enforcement information the sidecar collects for use by your security team.
  • Connecting client information. The sidecar sends information describing who connects to—and who attempts to connect to—your data repositories, and where they're connecting from.
  • Sidecar operating metrics. The sidecar sends information about its health and activity to the control plane.

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