What is “passthrough” mode for a sidecar and how do I use it?

Cyral supports “passthrough” mode. In this mode the sidecar acts as a layer 4 load balancer and forwards requests through to the data endpoint. In passthrough mode the sidecar will not perform analysis, logging, or policy evaluation. Passthrough mode can be configured via a toggle in the Cyral Control Plane.

Passthrough mode is ideal for onboarding new applications before turning on analysis or troubleshooting performance problems.

To enable passthrough mode: 

1. In the Control Plane UI, click Sidecars and find your sidecar in the list.

2. Look at the label shown in Status column. It will show ACTIVE for a currently active sidecar, and PASSTHROUGH for one that’s operating in passthrough mode.

3. Click the ACTIVE / PASSTHROUGH value to toggle the mode. Wait a few seconds for the change to take effect, and the label will change once the new mode takes effect.

Clicking from ACTIVE mode to PASSTHROUGH:

Once PASSTHROUGH is enabled:

Passthrough mode can also be configured using an API. If you are interested in using an API to configure passthrough mode, please reach out to support@cyral.com for additional details. 

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