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Access a Cyral-protected MySQL database with DataGrip

Your database clients continue to work once Cyral protection is added to your databases. Below, we show how to use the DataGrip client to connect to a Cyral-protected MySQL database.

  1. In DataGrip, set up a new connection for MySQL. Provide the Data Source Properties values as noted below:

    • Host: Address of the Cyral sidecar, which may be a load balancer address. If the sidecar is reachable through an SSH tunnel, specify the host as

    • Port: Repository port of the Cyral sidecar, which

    • For Authentication, provide a username and password. For Username:

      1. If not using SSO, provide the database user name;

      2. If using Cyral SSO, provide the SSO user name and group, for example:

    • For Password:

      1. If not using SSO, provide user's usual database password;

      2. If using Cyral SSO, provide the SSO token.

  2. Next, set the connection properties. In the DataGrip initial page, locate your datasource, right click on it and select Properties (or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S).

  1. In the Advanced tab, set the following attributes:

    • authenticationPlugins: 


    • defaultAuthenticationPlugin: 


    • disabledAuthenticationPlugins: 


  1. Click on Test Connection to check if all is working.

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