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What are database accounts and local accounts?

In Cyral, we use the term database account to refer to any database-native or cloud storage-native account used to connect to the repository. This includes:

  • Database-native accounts used to connect to the repository, even if Cyral does not handle the authentication. For these accounts, Cyral can enforce location-based access rules, even if Cyral is not providing SSO authentication for the user. See the Cyral Network Shield documentation.

  • Local accounts that Cyral uses to provide SSO for your users. You create and map local accounts in the Local Accounts tab and Identity to Account Map tab in Cyral.

  • BI tools database accounts that Cyral uses to provide identity attribution for your BI tools users, such as Tableau and Looker users. You register database accounts in the Apps and BI Tools tab for Looker or Tableau.

Regardless of the type of database account used, you must ensure that users can only connect to the repository via Cyral sidecar in order to ensure that rules can be enforced and activity can be logged.

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