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SIEM Dashboard User Guides

Cyral pre-built dashboards are installed in your SIEM and designed to ingest Data Activity Logs from your Cyral sidecars. The charts, tables, and visualizations in the dashboard help administrators identify suspicious activity and anomalies in data access activity. Dashboards are only available for the SIEMs listed below. Contact Cyral Customer Support to request the dashboard file for your SIEM.

Each dashboard comes with a User Guide that includes installation instructions and detailed information about the charts and visualizations included. Consult the table below to find the User Guide version that matches your dashboard version. 

User Guides

SEIM typeDashboard versionUser guide
Datadog1.0Dashboard 1.0 for Datadog: User guide
ELK1.0Dashboard 1.0 for ELK: User guide
Splunk1.0Dashboard 1.0 for Splunk: User guide
Sumo Logic1.0Dashboard 1.0 for Sumo Logic: User guide

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